International Choral Composition Competition

“Alberto Grau”

International Choral Composition Competition “Alberto Grau

The Aequalis Foundation announces the first edition of the International Choral Composition Competition “Alberto Grau”, as a tribute to the trajectory of this distinguished composer, arranger and Venezuelan choral conductor of Catalan origin, who will turn 80 years old in November 2017. The main objective of the competition is to promote the creation in the field of choral music, encouraging the growth, renewal and diffusion of repertoire written in Spanish for mixed choirs and equal voices in the 21st century, from Venezuela, a country recognized by the development of choral art in its different areas.
Fundación Aequalis


Javier Busto (España)

Javier Busto (Basque Country/Spain)

Robert Sund (Suecia)

Robert Sund (Sweden)

Zimfira Poloz (Canadá)

Zimfira Poloz (Canada)

César Alejandro Carrillo (Venezuela)

César Alejandro Carrillo (Venezuela)

Ana María Raga (Venezuela)

Ana María Raga (Venezuela)

Fundación Aequalis

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The CICCAG production process intends to be a showcase of the essence of choral singing: a space for encounter where voices join to create beauty.  For that reason it is conceived as a common project with important participation of choir and ex-choir singers, members and friends of choral activity, who contribute to find funds and resources as well as to take over other tasks in order to achieve its goal.

This first edition includes the VoxPopuli category, where the winning work will be selected by online voting and premiered by a virtual choir with singers in different places of the world, reflecting Choir Singing as a space for social integration, a net capable of linking countries and cultures.

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