Aequalis Foundation

It is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Ana María Raga. Its mission is the musical research and promotion of music, in particular, collective singing as a human development tool. Aequalis Foundation has three core areas of activities: Choral Art, Training and Health-Coexistence.

Every year, Aequalis Foundation organizes several Art Choral events and performances of the choirs that belong to the institution:  Aequalis Aurea (female voices), ArsPraxis (mixed choir), Choral Project of Humboldt School (from kindergarten to high school). From 2002 we develop a Choral Training Program in Venezuela and from 2005 it has been done in Mexico through an alliance with Música EnClaves. Cognitive stimulation programs are also developed by the institution where music is a tool for neuropractice or brain gymnastics.

Fundación AequalisAequalis Foundation foments collective singing in places where music can bring social integration and reinsertion opportunities through choral practice programs, for example at the INOF (National Institute for Women Orientation), and other activities in nursing homes, hospitals, childcare and special education institutions. Aequalis Foundation aims also to support social inclusion and coexistence by doing activities with communities like choral practice and audience awareness.