The CICCAG is founded in 2017 to stimulate the creation of new choral music and motívate authors from different cultures to compose for Spanish texts. It will be held every three (3)  years. It is named after the famous composer and conductor Alberto Grau and dedicated to all those who have devoted their lives to communicate to others the profoundness and transcendence of Choral Art.

I Concurso Internacional de Composición Coral Alberto Grau
Perfil de Alberto Grau realizado por Julio Felce

Alberto Grau

Alberto Grau Dolcet (Vic, Cataluña, España, November 7th, 1937) is a renowned composer, conductor, pedagogue from Venezuela, born in Cataluña, he is the founder of the professional choral studies in Venezuela.

The Schola Cantorum de Caracas (now de Venezuela), internationally known Venezuelan choir was founded by Grau in 1967 (in 2017 is celebrating its 50 years old). He led this famous group to win Guido D’Arezzo Choral Competition in 1974.  He also founded the Movimiento Coral Cantemos, another institution that has participated in the choral movement of Venezuela.

Grau has been VicePresident of the International Federation of Choral Music (1982-1996)    where he promoted the International Singing Day (World Choral Day), celebrated every year worldwide.

In the choral field, he has composed for mixed choirs and equal voices groups (female, male and children). His choral works have been premiered by different choirs from diverse continents and published by GGM Ediciones (Venezuela), Earthsongs (USA), A Coeur Joie (France) and Neil A. Kjos Music Co.(USA). He has been awarded several national and international prizes such as:

  • Jose Angel Montero National Music Prize in three opportunities:
    Triptico (songs for mezzosoprano and piano, 1983 for Dies Irae, and 1987 Pater Noster, both for mixed choir.
  • First Prize, International Choral Singing Day, 1978 (Barcelona, Spain), for La Doncella, ballet for mixed choir, narrator and orchestra.
  • Fama prize to the Arts, for his Five songs upon the San Pedro traditional song, 1997.
  • Choral expression and Composition Prize (sixth edition, 1998), Gran Canarias Government (Spain), for his Ecological Opereta in four acts.

In July, 2017 his most recent composition for children choir and orchestra will be premiered at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Alberto Grau
Perfil de Alberto Grau realizado por Julio Felce