The Competition

Presentation and Bases

  1. The competition is focused on the new creation of choral music suitable for choirs in the following categories: mixed, female, male voices and children.
  2. An international jury made up of renowned musicians from different countries in America and Europe: Robert Sund (Sweden), Javier Busto (Spain), Zimfira Poloz (Kazakhstan-Canada), César Alejandro Carrillo (Venezuela), Ana María Raga (Venezuela) will be in charge of the selection of the winning works and for each category will be awarded a unique prize, as described in the bases.
  3. The Competition will award a VoxPopuli mention to the work for mixed choir, composed by a native participant from the American continent, and selected by internet The winner piece will be interpreted by choristers in different parts of the world who will sing in a virtual choir modality. The works to be voted in this category will have been previously selected as finalists by the jury.
  4. The Competition is endorsed by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, in strategic partnership with the Europa Cantat XX Festival to be held in Tallinn, Estonia. 2018. This prestigious institution will support the distribution of the competition in its various media, in particular for European countries and may grant opportunities to the Tallinn Festival.
  5. The Competition will be launched on May 2nd and the reception of works will last until September 25th, 2017 at 11:59 pm (Venezuela time).
  6. A ceremony to announce the winners will be held within the framework of a Gala concert in honor of Alberto Grau between November and December 2017.
  7. The works will be premiered in 2018 by recognized choirs from Venezuela and other parts of Latin America, in an event that will be announced in due course. The winning piece of the VoxPopuli category will be performed in 2018 by a virtual choir consisting of choristers from different parts of the world.

Here you will find the Competition Bases in PDF documents:


Board of Directors:

Ana María Raga
Ana Cecilia de Márquez
Marisa Romera
Javier Márquez

Executive Committee:

Flor Marina Yánez
Ciro Urdaneta
Wisnel Dávila
Octavio Rodríguez

Consultants Committee:

María Guinand
Miguel Astor
Jan Schumacher


Johana Teixeira
Camila Lessire
Laura de Nicolicchia
Millana Arias
Ariadna Urdaneta
Mercedes de Olaizola
Francisco Javier Márquez
Oswaldo Rodríguez