Welcome to the VoxPopuli Virtual Choir

This is an exclusive invitation to choirs from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom, countries that suffered the biggest loss during WW I.

On this page Conductors will find all the information and audiovisual resources needed to participate. Please read the following instructions carefully before completing your application. The videos will be selected by IFCM and must meet the requested technical and musical requirements.

Instructions and requirements

Recording Instructions download here

Video requirements download here


The choir will only send separate videos of Part II (aleatoric section)

Part II: Letter C – download score here

Video for section recording

In this video the Conductor will find an explanation for interpretation and suggestions for the moment of recording each choral section.

Make sure you listen to the ‘audio help file’ and the ‘audios for the choir to study’ before recording. They will give you full idea of the aleatoric section.

Video Help for recording

This is an example of what the assistant should do with the camera while the choir section sings the part. It is not necessary a professional cameraman.

Video Help

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