Welcome to the VoxPopuli Virtual Choir

On this page you will find all the information and audiovisual resources needed to participate. Please read the following instructions carefully before completing your application. When you fill out the form, your video must be ready. Scroll down to see:

Instructions and requirements

Recording Instructions download here

Video requirements download here

Singers form – submit here


You can participate by singing Part I and / or Part III of  Nada te Turbe (in separate videos):

Part I: From A to measure 28 – download score here

Part III: From D to the end  – download here

Videos for Recording

Instructional Video Singer


Videos for Voice Recording

Choose your voice video (Soprano 1 or 2; Alto 1 or 2; Tenor 1 or 2; Bass 1 or 2) and the section that you will sing (Part I or Part III).

Watch the video and make sure you understand the instructions before you begin to record.

Follow the instructions.

Record your video.

Remember: Your video will be selected for the VoxPopuli Virtual Choir only if you meet the requested technical and musical requirements.


Part I




Bass 1

Bass 2

Part III

Soprano 1

Soprano 2

Alto 1

Alto 2

Tenor 1

Tenor 2

Bass 1

Bass 2